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The registered association Shikoukan (獅光館) is a branch of the InyōRyūKenpō Karate JyutsuDō which settled-down in the Düsseldorf area more than 20 years ago. Shikoukan has its roots in the Sports Club Kaminari and is located in Düsseldorf Lichtenbroich. The name (meaning Shiny Lion) was officially given in July 2010, selected by the main dōjō in Kyōto, Japan.

The students are taught by the four teachers Markus Amzehnhoff, 5th Dan (Shihan), Oswald Fischer, 5th Dan (Shihan), Steffi Amzehnhoff, 1st Dan and Anastasia Peschkow, 2nd Dan.

The lessons are meant for the young and advanced generation and offer a pleasant mixture of fun and serious content. Shikoukan teaches the original Japanese InyōRyūKarate. The training is based on the InyōRyūKarate philosophy as well as on Kata, Kihon, Kumite and effective self defence. Kihon does not only mean the induction to basic techniques of the InyōRyū style but also helps the students to understand the correlation of this art. Kata conveys effective self defence techniques by changing continuously dependent of era and humans.

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