and aim



流祖 (Ryūso)

Inyō Ryū Kenpō Karate Jyutsu Dō is in the persistent search for truth and it’s the combination of law, art and way to strengthen the mind and body.

It’s a way to develop the human being´s skills. The spirit of budō bases on the nature law and relativity and starts with the gratitude to everything.

The aim of Inyō Ryu Kenpō Karate Jyutsu Dō is the discipline of mind and body appreciating etiquette, rules, confidence, courage, humanity and love.

Since the human being has to use its own body to survive, it’s important to know the own abilities.

This is as natural as the origin of the human being.

It concerns absolutely necessary techniques and rules which are a base for the strong and sincere human beings’ social existence.

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